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About Toreto - Electronic Devices Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Toreto-About Us

Toreto, founded by a small team of Audiophliles and Gadget-Aholics, is here to make a mark in the gadget industry. From developing and manufacturing the gadget supports for huge market of mobile users, Toreto has created a benchmark for a blend of design and intelligence.

Founded in 2013 in Hong Kong/India, Toreto has come up with award-worth and user-friendly designs in past four years. Our products are a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and sleek design.

We strive to push the boundaries of innovation just to ensure greater user experience. From speakers to powerbanks, we have created smart Bluetooth audio and one-stop-solution for powerbanks of smartphones, digital cameras and tablets.

At Toreto, we complement your modern-day lifestyle with our innovative and high-tech gadgets.

From electronic to digital, all kinds of products are available at the price that is worth spending. With changing times and technology, we thrive to get updated version of our own products to keep you at par with it.

In the sea of large electronics market, we are the ones guaranteeing not just the best but affordable. Heart of our products lies in one simple rule - we create to make your life easier and classier.

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to develop products that are going to make our digital lives simpler. Better! Toreto is one-stop-solution for all the needs of consumers regarding power and batteries. We are a team of innovative engineers and professional working to create products which reflect perfect balance of technology, style and innovation.

Our Vission

We have a range of products from speakers to USB cables to chargers. Visit our website and choose the products that suit you needs and lifestyle. We believe in ensuring your passion for entertainment finds the right product.

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