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When it comes to HD quality of music and hassle-free calling time, Toreto T-Breeze is the ultimate partner you need to order right away. Reasons? It has many: lightweight, Bluetooth connectivity, 6 hour battery backup, retractable earbud, leather finish body, sleek design, volume control module, and availability in 2 classy colours- white and black. It’s time to free yourself from the mess of ‘wired’ hands-free, which literally are not, and experience the convenience of T-Breeze Bluetooth Earphone.

Features & Benefits
  • Universal Bluetooth Connectivity

    The latest Bluetooth version 4.1 connects with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone instantly and works smoothly. Simply turn your smartphone’s Bluetooth on and connect it with T-Breeze’s to enjoy hassle-free call, and have a similar music experience, i.e. hassle-free too.

    Universal Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Retractable Earbud

    The retractable earbud makes your call time and music listening experience as convenient as possible. Whenever your phone starts buzzing, T-Breeze also vibrates to alert you, so that you can connect with the person calling without looking at your smartphone. Just pull out the retractable earbud, insert inside your ear and get started. This feature also makes T-Breeze last longer.

    Retractable Earbud
  • Leather Finish Body

    From style to elegance, T-Breeze is the Bluetooth headset with mic, that highlights both these factors without losing any opportunity. The leather finish body is like cherry on the top of this style highlighting cake. You can call it a mixed bag of quality sound and state-of-the-art design, which make it an ideal Bluetooth headset to buy online.

    Leather Finish Body
  • Rechargeable Battery

    The inbuilt rechargeable battery makes the charging process smooth. After charging it for a while, it will last long for up to 6 hours so you can have an uninterrupted call time or enjoy music for the similar duration. The charging cable comes with the packaging, which you can exclusively use to charge T-Breeze.

    Rechargeable Battery
  • Attend Calls Anywhere

    With the ease of Bluetooth feature, you can attend calls anytime anywhere. Make sure to remain within a distance of 10 metres from your smartphone to experience a smooth call time. It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking in the kitchen or preparing a PowerPoint presentation on your laptop, you are free to attend your calls with just one click.

    Attend Calls Anywhere
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