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Pocket cable

Pocket cable


Why start a day with untangling your data cables especially when you're in a hurry to charge your phone or for urgent data transfer. Forget those long messy USB cables as Toreto TUC 511 brings to you a extremely flexible mini pocket cable for your use on computers, cars, sockets etc.

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Features & Benefits
  • Fast Charging and Sync

    Designed using PVC and silicone, this mini pocket cable is durable. Unlike, many other cables, which break easily, this cable is strong and even when used roughly won't break or its wires won't get pulled.

    Fast Charging and Sync
  • Flexible and Durable

    It is flexible enough to fit anywhere. The cable is not just durable but extremely light and compact which makes it really easy to carry around. So, if you're on a vacation or driving, you can just carry it around without any hassle especially that of untangling the cable.

    Flexible and Durable
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Technical Specification
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