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This latest addition to the range of Toreto Cables, is a perfect blend of design and performance. Jiffy is a durable USB data cable, which is created out of a strong fabric braided material that makes it resistant to wear and tear. Sporting 1-meter length, compatibility is never a problem with Jiffy as it supports all iOS devices. It is not just another micro USB cable for charging, but also the perfect choice to sync and transfer your data from one device to another. Supporting blazing fast charge, this micro USB charging cum data transfer cable would always keep your device’s performance driven with a touch of style. It's key features are - strong fabric braided material and design & style.

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Features & Benefits
  • 1 Meter Length

    Now forget your worries about keeping devices up close because of the wire being short or the wall socket being at a distance. Jiffy comes with 1-meter length cable straight out of the box, making it convenient for you to use your device even while it charges, without any worries. Jiffy has got you covered with an ideal length!

    1 Meter Length
  • Compatibility

    Apple devices are selective when it comes to their compatibility, but Toreto’s Jiffy leaps these boundaries. This micro USB charger cable is compatible with all the iOS devices, so you remain carefree and get to experience Apple products without caring about its charging or transfer of data. So, why be selective when you can have it all?

  • Strong Material

    Toreto’s Jiffy is made up of strong fabric braided material which makes it a rough and tough product that can sustain day-to-day wear and tear. Adding up significant protection to this micro USB connector, Jiffy not only showcases an exceptional design, but also proves its worth being a heavy-duty product.

    Strong Material
  • Design and Style

    Performance is incomplete without a catchy design and Jiffy just takes care of that. It sports a sleek yet strong fabric wire with delicate metal finishing. Exhibiting a bronze color theme, this sleek and dazzling micro USB charger is the perfect match for your Apple products.

    Design and Style
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