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Mist Humidifier


Fill your house with the queer and aromatic fragrance of Toreto’s Mist humidifier which not only refreshes the entire atmosphere of the house but also turns into a lamp in the night. This humidifier creates a purified scented fog that fills the air with an amazing smell that relieves stress.

Features & Benefits
  • Portable and stylish

    You can call Mist humidifier a small wonder. Though it is compact in size, it creates a soothing effect in the house or anywhere else, my emitting a scented fog. You can carry it anywhere and anytime. This humidifier comes with 6 months warranty.

    Portable and stylish
  • Rechargeable battery

    Mist humidifier comes with a strong battery power of 800mAh, which makes sure that the exotic whiff of the humidifier stays with you for a long time. It comes with a USB port that lets you recharge the battery anytime by plugging it into any charger.

    Rechargeable battery
  • 320ml large capacity

    Mist humidifier comes with a massive capacity of 320ml. It removes all the unpleasant smell from the house and fills it with positivity.

    320ml large capacity
  • Silent operation

    Mist humidifier works silently, without creating any noise disturbance. You won’t even realize that it is Mist that’s making your house smell so good.

    Silent operation
  • Converts into a night lamp

    Apart from filling up the house with a pleasing fragrance, Mist humidifier also converts into a night lamp. Dim light and exquisite smell will ensure you have the most amazing night sleep.

    Converts into a night lamp
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