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As the name suggests, Clutch keeps a tight grip on your worth-taking-on-the-journey device/s, making your driving time way smoother. You can simply concentrate on road ahead while your smartphone or GPS or MP3 player functions, as expected from them to perform. Working as your device’s throne, this classic black colour radiating Toreto car mobile holder is the mobile accessory anybody must get to add more grace to their car’s interiors. It's key features are - universal car holder, 360° revolving design, adjustable grip and ABS gloss finish.

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Features & Benefits
  • Mobile Holder

    You can put your smartphone in resting position on this phone throne. You can use your mobile device smoothly by placing it on the Clutch and it will stay there in its tight grip, as its name suggests. You can see the map route of your journey or attend a call without much hassle, and we trust you won’t do such thing while driving.

    Mobile Holder
  • GPS Holder

    It’s not just the smartphone that can be put on the display of Clutch, you can also put your GPS device on it. Clutch simplifies your route mapping process like anything. All you have to do is get your GPS device, adjust it on the Toreto car mobile holder- Clutch, and Voila! You are good to go.

    GPS Holder
  • MP3 Player Holder

    That is why Clutch is called multi-function in-car mobile phone holder because it can help holding not only your smartphone and GPS device, but also the MP3 player, boasting your favourite tracks. So enjoy your musical ride without losing your MP3 Player or getting lost in the chaos of changing tracks while looking down.

    MP3 Player Holder
  • Slaying in Black

    The shiny-glossy texture this latest car mobile holder has, amplifies the state-of-the-art design and market trend. So the compact size, lightweight, easy-to-adjust body, and portability of Clutch are not the only features that make it an ideal fit for your car’s interiors, it’s also the contemporary design that goes well with anything and everything.

    Slaying in Black
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