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Grab X

Universal Car Holder


Looking for a holder that gives you a closer look into your smartphone while navigating through new routes? Toreto’s Grab X universal car mobile holder is all what you need. Grab X has extendable arms and a strong grip that can hold any device up to 3.5 inches. You can even rotate your smartphone as per your convenience while driving. It's key features are - universal car holder, 360° revolving design, adjustable mobile view and powerful suction.

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Features & Benefits
  • Keep your phone handy

    Grab X car mobile holder comes with extendable arms, which provides a closer look of your device thereby making navigation much easier.

    Keep your phone handy
  • Fit for any smartphone

    Grab X is manufactured in such a way it can securely hold any device as small as 3.5 in. If you have a bigger smartphone, don’t worry! With a help of a knob, you can easily extend it fit in bigger devices.

    Fit for any smartphone
  • Adjustable view

    Grab X can revolve 360 degrees. So you can easily adjust the smartphone as per your convenience and get that perfect viewing angle for navigation, by using a knob.

    Adjustable view
  • Powerful suction

    Thanks to its strong suction power and sticky gel pad, Grab X can stick firmly on any flat surface. Its suction mechanism works perfectly on flat surfaces, so you can securely attach your smartphone to the car’s dashboard or windshield, whatever suits you the best. If you wish to change the position just press the button to release suction.

    Powerful suction
  • Use it anywhere

    The usage of Grab X is not just limited to cars. You can easily fix it in your kitchen or on your office desk and talk. You won’t need to hold your phone while making long conversations.

    Use it anywhere
  • One year warranty

    The attractive black Grab X car mobile holder comes with one-year warranty card.

    One year warranty
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