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Grasp 3


With state-of-the-art look, classy colour, futuristic design and 360° rotational feature, the Toreto car mobile holder Grasp 3 is answer to all your inconvenient-drive problems. And why just mobile, you can hold any smart device in Grasp 3 without limiting its use to smartphones only. Its ABS gloss finish and 360° rotational neck make it an exclusive choice for regular drives and even long ones. So make the right choice by choosing Grasp 3. Get it online right now! It's key features are - universal car holder, 360° revolving design, adjustable grip, powerful suction, ABS gloss finish material can be mounted on dashboard and windshield.

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Features & Benefits
  • ABS Gloss Finish

    The whole body of Grasp 3 reflects ABS gloss finish and makes your smart device stand out. From smartphone to GPS device to MP3/4 player, you can hang anything on it and simply enjoy its functions while seeing them in the limelight. And because of its such fine shine finish, it’s not easy to find scratches on.

    ABS Gloss Finish
  • Adjustable Grip

    360° rotational neck makes it easily accessible for you while driving. You can use your device at perfect viewing angle without bothering your neck much. And just because of this feature, you would not have to keep your hands on screen, fearing the lose grip as the grasp of Grasp 3 will not disappoint you.

    Adjustable Grip
  • Place Anywhere

    It can be mounted on dashboard of your car as well as the clear vision providing windscreen of your ride. If you like keeping your eyes on the road and moving them vertically, go with the windscreen; and if you prefer horizontal eye movement, then dashboard is a good option. Your grasp 3, your call.

    Place Anywhere
  • Design that Shine

    The futuristic design of this universal car mobile holder is praise-worthy and elegance radiating. And the material, as mentioned above, is glossy enough to put any other shine to shame. Besides, it has a lift button to release the suction cup and make it easy to place anywhere.

    Design that Shine
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