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To simplify your life even more, Toreto brings Zapper, the ultimate smart remote controller that connects to your smart device and lets you operate it from a distance. You can clutch it with a tight grip on your car’s steering wheel while driving, and command your Siri to do the work for you or play/pause a music track you have been listening, increase/decrease its volume. Besides this, Zapper lets you take selfie from your smart device, without unlocking it. So get the smart remote controller, today!

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Features & Benefits
  • Smart Remote Controller

    Now control your smartphone while driving, riding bike, partying and doing some other activity away from your cant-live-without gadget. You can play your smartphone’s music, click photos and connect with your smart device’s intelligent personal assistant, for example Siri.

    Smart Remote Controller
  • Bluetooth Remote Shutter

    While sitting at an ideal distance of 10 feet, you can easily operate your smart device. So, whether it’s an android smartphone or iOS flaunting iPad, or the other way round, you don’t have to put your extra effort, let the magic of Bluetooth ease it up for you.

    Bluetooth Remote Shutter
  • Connect With Intelligent Personal Assistant

    With one click, you can connect with your iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant, for example, Siri. The centre button, which is usually used for playing and pausing a track is also used for instantly connecting the Toreto Zapper with Siri.

    Connect With Intelligent Personal Assistant
  • Easy Control Touch

    The above-below keys, which are used to increase and decrease the volume of music playing on your smart device, may also be used for taking selfie. The track changing keys are placed to the right and left of this smart remote controller, where the play/pause and connect-with-Siri key can be found in the middle.

    Easy Control Touch
  • The Encircling Grip

    Zapper comes with a circle-like grip that helps it clutch any circular, and to some extent square, bodies, including your car’s steering wheel, bicycle’s handle and similar. So, get over the tension of losing it as it won’t happen at all, thanks to its encircling grip.

    The Encircling Grip
Technical Specification
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