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Rechargeable LED Lamps

Rechargeable LED Lamps

Rechargeable LED Lamps

Rechargeable Table Lamp Online

Choose from Varied Rechargeable LED Lamp to lit your surroundings Keeps your Room Lightened

Rechargeable LED Lamp is a wonderful invention that glows your room anytime even in worsened situations like power cut and electricity fluctuation. Toreto’s rechargeable table lamp available online can is your best problem solver.

Ease your Picnic

This rechargeable led emergency light can even be carried when you are on journey or camp site easily because it is compact, portable and its light weight enables its users to carry easily in their hand bags.


Rechargeable Lamp for Study Table - Companion in Your Studies


This is the perfect rechargeable lamp for study table because it is safe for eyes and its compact design fit in even on a small sized study table. It enables you to study anytime and anywhere as it can be easily shifted without worry of distance from plug. Even during power cuts these rechargeable led emergency light helps you to continue your study. From study table to bedside table, don’t compromise with your reading time just because of minute problems like no-nearest-switchboard or power cuts. Get the rechargeable table lamp to resolve such petty issues and live a hassle free life now onwards.


Exciting features of Toreto’s rechargeable LED Lamp

  • > Lamp and Fan: Choose Lamp with Fan which is amazing combination as it keeps the surrounding cool that enables to continue your work even in hot weather.
  • > Adjustable Light: Now you can adjust the level of light upto 3 levels as per the requirement of light.
  • > Equipped With Charger: Choose one that has the facility of charger along with emitting light. It helps you to charge your gadgets even in during power cuts.
  • > Environment-Friendly: LED bulb does not contain mercury and other toxic metals which prevent the emission of harmful rays.

So, buy rechargeable table lamp online from Toreto that provides multiple functionalities.

  • Led Lamp


    Special Price ₹1,599

    Regular Price: ₹1,999

  • Led lamp


    Special Price ₹1,099

    Regular Price: ₹1,999

  • Toreto Flare LED Lamp


    Special Price ₹1,599

    Regular Price: ₹1,999

  • Glow Recharable LED Lamp

    Glow - Touch LED Table Lamp

    Special Price ₹1,599

    Regular Price: ₹1,999

  • Gleam LED Lamps


    Special Price ₹1,438

    Regular Price: ₹1,800

  • Dazzle LED Lamp


    Special Price ₹1,999

    Regular Price: ₹2,499

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