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10000 mAh Power Bank


We live in the smart era; with the phones now called ‘smart phones’, Toreto brings for your Poky Power Bank, a smart charging power bank. With a 10,000 mAh battery capacity, your devices shall get nothing but the best experience of charging. Here’s adding life to your devices. Order a Poky power bank for you right away. It's key features are - dual output port, micro input port, LED capacity indicator, compatible with all 5V devices, smart charging and pocket sized.

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Special Price ₹1,199

Regular Price: ₹2,200

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Features & Benefits
  • Pocket Size

    Carry your power bank anywhere you go. Now it is easy to carry even to a party because its compact look gives the illusion of just a phone in hand. Not everyone knows about the power vested in your hands by Poky.

    Pocket Size
  • LED Indicator

    Keeping a check on how much charge the power bank has left is a tedious task. Let Poky do this for you. With a LED Indicator, you can exactly how much charge you have consumed and how much you have left. You know exactly when you need to charge your power bank next.

    LED Indicator
  • Smart Charging

    Poky power bank auto detects and adjusts to the device connected via any of its USB ports. It knows exactly how much charge the phones needs and at what W and Amp. Inappropriate power can damage your device. Neither does your device over charge nor does it under charge. This advanced high performance power bank is a must have.

    Smart Charging
  • Dual USB Output and Single Input

    Avail the fast charging experience with dual USB ports. Charge two devices at the same time with no effect on speed of charging or performance. You could also be the power bank to extend battery for other’s phones.

    Dual USB Output and Single Input
  • Compatibility

    Charge your smartphones, cameras, tablets and any other 5v device using the poky power bank. With a battery capacity of 10,000mAh, your devices are sure to find peace when connected with Poky power bank.

Technical Specification
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