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Clinch 2

Magnetic Car Mobile Holder


Looking for a secure and convenient way to keep your phone while driving on a road full of potholes? Your search ends with Toreto’s Clinch 2. With its attractive look, strong magnetic hold and 360 degree rotational design, you can use it this mobile holder anywhere you want, be it car, kitchen or your work desk.

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Features & Benefits
  • Attractive look

    Clinch 2 comes with attractive ABS silicon gloss finish that makes it look really stylish. This mobile holder comes with a suction cup, which makes it really convenient to install. It can also be easily removed from the surface where it is placed, just lift the button to release from the surface.

    Attractive look
  • Strong magnetic hold

    Clinch 2 comes with powerful magnetic hold which protects your smartphone from falling off during bumpy rides. The package also has a separate metallic adhesive which has to be pasted on mobile so that it remains fixed at one spot. And mind it! It won’t damage your phone in any way.

    Strong magnetic hold
  • Adjustable grip

    Clinch 2 comes with 360 degree rotational design, which makes it easily accessible while driving and following GPS instructions.

    Adjustable grip
  • Windshield or dashboard, choose yourself

    Clinch 2 can be mounted on both car’s windshield as well as dashboard. You can easily choose whatever spot you are comfortable in.

    Windshield or dashboard, choose yourself
  • Multipurpose use

    Clinch 2’s purpose is not just limited to cars. You can also use in at your home, in your kitchen or on your work desk. You won’t need to hold your phone in hand while video-calling your loved ones. You can easily do your work and talk at the same time.

    Multipurpose use
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