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Wireless Neckband
Be a proud owner of Toreto’s ultra-stylish and uber-cool Flexo neckband cum headband. It makes your music listening experience a memorable one & peps up your style statement with its classy look. You can have 10 hours of non-stop musical fun without the hustle-bustle of the world bothering you, thanks to its noise cancellation technique. Moreover, its foldable design makes it extremely easy to carry.

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Enjoy 10 hours of non-stop music

While some headsets give just 7-8 hours of playtime, you can enjoy 10 hours of non-stop music and 10 hours of talk time with Flexo, with just 3.5 hours of charging. These headsets also have 108 hours of standby time.

Feel the bass

Flexo can be connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and its strong bass will make you groove to your favourite songs as long as you want. Its wireless connectivity is high-speed and stable.

Noise cancellation

For people who like to enjoy their favourite songs all alone, nothing can beat Flexo. It has a noise-cancelling feature, which makes it easy to tune out the surrounding noise.

Foldable design

Flexo headsets are extremely simple to carry. They can be easily folded and hanged around the belt loop of your jeans. You can tuck it to the neck of your t-shirt or keep it in the pocket without the fear of causing any damage.

Smart headband

There something unique for girls too! Flexo headsets are designed so that they can turn into a smart and stylish headband.

Retractable earbuds

Another amazing feature of Flexo is that it has retractable earbuds. You need to press a button to make it work.

Easy to operate

Flexo has one button for each function, thus making it extremely simple to operate. There is a multi-function button with which you can quickly receive or reject calls without touching your smartphone. Press + for forward and Press – for backward.


Flexo headsets promise to give superior performance even during your sweatiest workouts sessions because they are sweatproof.

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