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LED Touch Lamp
Whether it’s a student’s room that needs lighting for studies or a reading enthusiast who can’t resist the temptation to flip another page, this lamp is made for every person in need of a certain-lit-up-area. Glow justifies the term, smart table lamp from touch sensor and sound controlled backlight to adjustable angle and three brightness levels; Glow justifies the term, smart table lamp! It’s key features are – easy controls, calendar/clock LED display, eye protection feature and touch sensor.

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Touch Sensor & LED Display

The touch sensor button allows you to instantly light up your area in dire need of the same. Moreover, the display screen on the Glow – touch LED table lamp always show you a digital clock and calendar so that you never lose track of time.

Adjustable Angle

Its adjustable angle lets you read, write or focus on minute tasks that require specific light directed in one path. Whether you are getting comfortable in your bed, your cosy sofa or standing to finish the task with spectacles on, adjust this 180° rotational touch LED table lamp as per your convenience.

3 Level Brightness

Yes, it comes with three different levels of brightness to cater to your lighting requirements. But not to worry, not even a single level of lighting affects your eyes as it has the eye protection feature. So whether you need to read in soothing light or experiment in high beam, Glow is your thing.

Sound Control Backlight

Glow is all set to serve you as a Genie because all you need to control its display is a Clap! Yes, you read that, right! You can operate its display screen with one clap of your hands. This LED light dispensing table lamp is smart to recognise a clap and function accordingly.

Easy Control Buttons

Anybody can operate this touch LED table lamp without much hassle with the Five-button panel on its back.

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