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Intelligent Sanitizer Spray
Keep your home and offices virus-free and germ-free with Toreto’s iSmart intelligent sanitiser spray. iSmart is equipped with an infrared sensor that provides contactless protection. Thanks to its portable size, iSmart can be easily carried anywhere. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

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Intelligent Dispenser

In the current scenario, it is even more essential to stay safe and germ-free, and for that, one has to continually sanitise his or her hands. This intelligent dispenser promises contactless sanitisation. iSmart comes with an infrared sensor. Just place your hand over the sensor, and it will automatically release the liquid.

Powerful rechargeable battery

iSmart sanitiser dispenser comes with a robust battery power of 1800mAh. The battery can be recharged once it dies out.

Sanitise your daily items safely

iSmart sanitiser dispenser is programmed to spray a reasonable amount of liquid on your hands. Apart from that, you can also easily sanitise your daily use items like mobile, wallet, keys etc., through this dispenser. Just place the items on the sensor, and work is done.

Compact Size

You can easily call iSmart a small wonder. This amazing device comes in a compact size, so you can easily carry it to malls, offices, hospitals. It will fit into your handbag without taking much space. You won’t need to carry sanitiser bottles with you anymore.

How to use it

At first, you will have to press on both sides to open the bottom case. Then you will have to remove the liquid container by moving it anti-clockwise. Pour the liquid in the bottle, dip the sponge stick completely, fix the bottle back to the dispenser and cover with the case. Then put your hand over the sensor, and the device will spray the liquid on it.

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