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Intelligent, Fast Wireless Charger.
Go wireless while charging your smartphone with Toreto’s Qi-enabled Magik Wireless Charger that promises to power up your phone faster and acts like a seven colour atmosphere night lamp to light up your room in different colours create a soothing environment. This unique jellyfish-style charger has a high-quality anti-skidding silicone cover that can be removed and washed easily too.

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Unique design of the Qi wireless charger

Toreto’s Magik wireless charger has a unique jelly-fish style design which gives it an edge over the dull old chargers.

Intelligent Charging

This wireless charger has a sensitive induction coil and a high-end chip that promises fast charging. It protects the smartphone from over-heating, over-charging, voltage fluctuation and short circuit. The device stops charging automatically when the phone is completely charged, giving the battery a long life. You can charge your phone even with the mobile cover.

Converts into Lamp

The wireless charger has an inbuilt button with which you can change its colour and create a warm and cosy environment in your room. You can light up your room in seven different colours with this charger.

Soft Silicone Cover

The new wireless charger has an anti-skidding silicone cover that protects the mobile phone from scratches. It can also be easily removed and washed. The wireless phone charger has a built-in magnet insulation sheet that ensures quick charging without emitting any radiation, making it environment friendly.

Built-in Vibration Switch

This charger comes with a built-in vibration switch and three lightning modes that signify standby, breathing light, and solid light.

Safer Wireless Charging

This wireless charger will automatically detect coins, keys, rings or any other metallic items kept on the charger along with the phone while charging. An LED indicator light will start flashing, informing you to remove the items from the top.

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