Plug Beta

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2.4A Dual USB Charger with Cable
Toreto brings to you dual USB TOR Plug Beta, which promises to charge your devices faster in significantly less time. Its sturdy build makes it more durable compared to other wall chargers. Apart from being super fast, this charger is also compact and easy to carry.

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TOR Plug Beta boasts of a robust output of 5V, 2.4A, which means this wall charger will power up your smart devices at a fast speed without wasting much of your time.

2 USB Ports

This charger comes with dual USB charging ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously without affecting the power supply.

Safe, Secure & Sturdy (Multi-Circuit Protection, Multi-Circuit Protection, Fast Charging)

TOR Plug Beta has been engineered using superior quality material. It comes with smart IC technology making it highly safe and secure when charging your devices. Moreover, its strong and sturdy build gives it a long life.

Universal Compatibility

TOR Plug Beta works well with all kinds of smart devices.

Packaging (1 Tor-Plug Beta Wall Charger, 1 Micro USB Cable)

TOR Plug Beta comes with a free Type C/Micro Cable.

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