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5A, Four Port foldable home charger
Power upto four devices at the same time with Toreto’s Quad foldable home charger! The attractive Quad charger promises to charge all the four devices faster and offers protection against over-charging, over-heating, and short circuit. It is compatible with all 5V devices. You will also get a 1m long charging cable-free with the Quad charger.

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Compact and Foldable

Quad wall charger is easy to store. It is compact and comes with a foldable plug, so you can conveniently stuff it in your hand or luggage bag; it won’t take extra space.

Charge Four Devices Together

The quad home charger has four USB charging ports, so you can quickly charge four devices simultaneously. You won’t need to carry multiple chargers with multiple devices.

Fast Charging

Quad wall charger has a strong output of 5.0A, so you can charge four devices together at a fast speed without compromising on the power supply.

Safe and Secure

Quad wall charger comes with advanced safety features. Its innovative technology protects your smart devices from short circuit, overheating as well as overcharging.

Universal Compatibility

Quad wall charger is compatible with all 5V smart devices.

1m Long Charging Cable

The attractive packaging includes a Quad wall charger, a 1m long charging cable, and a six-month warranty card.

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