Tor Plug Solo

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2.4A Single USB Auto ID wall charger
Since smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives, it has become essential to keep them powered up all the time. Toreto brings to you Tor Plug Solo, a solo plug wall charger that charges faster and efficiently. It comes with a unique Auto ID feature that lets the charger maximize its charging ability as soon as it is connected.

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Sturdy Built

Charger 531 has been engineered using premium quality ABS material that gives it a sturdy and robust look. The charger is likely to stay with you for a long time.

Single USB

Charger 531 comes with a single USB charging port. However, it is compatible with all kinds of smart devices.

Auto-ID Feature

Charger 531 comes with an innovative and unique Auto ID feature. This charger detects the connected electronic device and maximizes its charging efficiency accordingly.

Strong Output

This product has a strong output of 2.4A that promises to charge your devices faster without compromising the current flow. This charger also provides all-round safety to your smart devices in terms of high temperature or short circuit.

Other Features

Charger 531 comes with six months warranty along with a complementary type C charging cable.

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