Tor Plush QC

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QC 3.0A Car Charger
Long drives are everyone’s favourite until your smart devices are not dead. No more worries! Keep your smart devices active with a TOR-PLUSH car charger for as long as you drive. Bring more power to your car rides with this QC 3.0A car charger. TOR-PLUSH is a single USB car charger with an excellent design.

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Compact Size

Make your car rides more fun, exciting, and exploring with a feature-rich car charger. The car charger is 6 cm long and 3 cm wide and is thus very easy to fit.

Single USB Port

TOR-PLUSH QC 3.0A has a single USB charging port to power up your device. A single port fastens up the charging speed by supplying the output power of QC 3.0A.

Multi-Circuit Protection

Car Charger TOR-PLUSH QC 3.0A is exceptionally reliable with an inbuilt safety protection system. The TOR-PLUSH car charger promises to protect your smart devices from over-current and high-temperature.

Fast Charging

The TOR-PLUSH QC 3.0A Car Charger has a strong power output of 3.0A with an actual input of 12-24V. Charge your device safely & securely without compromising on the power supply.

Solid Built

This car charger has an irresistible design with sturdy in-built. It is built with high-quality ABS material to give a reliable design and rich look.


TOR-PLUSH QC 3.0A car charger is compatible with numerous smart devices wired through USB. The Car Charger is ideal to power up both your iOS and Android devices.


TOR-PLUSH QC 3.0A arrives with a 6-month warranty.

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