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4.8A, Four Port Universal USB Charger Hub
Does your job require you to travel abroad? Keeping your phone charged up often becomes a problem as different countries have different kinds of plug points. Toreto brings to you ‘Unicharge’ that will keep your devices powered up all the time. This extraordinary charger comes with 4 charging ports that allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. That’s not all! This unique charger is accompanied by four different socket plugs that work perfectly in 150+ countries.

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Compact and Lightweight

The ‘Unicharge’ charging adapter is so lightweight and small that it is extremely easy to carry. It won’t take much of the space in your luggage bag or handbag.

Four USB Ports

This universal charger has multiple USB ports, and you can charge as many as four devices simultaneously. Nothing can be more relieving than this! Its 1.5-meter wire also allows a smooth connection between the devices.

Multi-country Charger

Unicharge comes with four different socket plugs that work well in the UK, US, Europe and Australia etc. So forget about buying a new charger every time you visit foreign countries. You can find all of it in just one ‘Unicharge’.

Universal Compatibility

With a robust output of 4.8A, Unicharge is compatible with all kinds of 5V devices, smartphones, tablets or MP3 players. It promises to charge your devices at a really fast pace.

Multi-protection System

Unicharge is engineered to protect against over-charging, high-temperature and short circuit.

LED Indicator for Charging

Another fantastic feature of Unicharge is that it comes with an LED indicator, which lights up when your devices are charging. If you see a blue light coming out of the charger’s USB charging port, this means that your devices are getting powered up.


The attractive package of Unicharge includes an adapter, a charging socket cord, and four different socket plugs compatible with UK, USA, Europe and Australia etc., along with a user manual.

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