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Home Theater 4.1


Surround your home with the heavy bass stereo sound of Tango+ Home Theatre4.1. The higher-end surround sound system has a receiver, subwoofers, and speakers - that comes with an output power of 30W + 15*4. With the channel set up 4.1, Tango+ Home Theater is entirely wireless with a full-function remote. Play your music from any corner of the house and transform your home theatre experience with Tango+ Home Theater4.1
Features & Benefits
  • Powerful Surround Sound

    Live your music with the powerful surround sound of Tango+ Home theatre 4.1. The surround speakers will enhance your music with an output power of 30W + 15*4.

    Powerful Surround Sound
  • Deep Bass Subwoofers

    The excellent subwoofers of Tango+ Home Theater 4.1 have changed the game of music by providing deep bass. The wooden-made subwoofers can fit into any room to provide choice audio with a rich and deep sound.

    Deep Bass Subwoofers
  • Bluetooth 5.0

    Tango+ Home Theater 4.1 supports Bluetooth 5 Version, promising less power usage and long battery life. Connect your smart gadgets to enjoy music for long hours.

    Bluetooth 5.0
  • High-Quality Audio

    With adjustable bass and frequency, Tango+ Home Theater 4.1 offers unmatchable audio. The surround system has excellent audio dynamics to produce high-quality surround sound.

    High-Quality Audio
  • Multiple-Connectivity

    Play your music in your way. Connect your smart music gadgets to Tango+ Home Theater 4.1 via FM and USB flash drive.

  • LED Display Panel

    Brighten up your music with a digital dynamic LED Display Panel of Tango+ Home Theater 4.1. The surround sound system has colours with high-brightness to boost your visual experience.

    LED Display Panel
  • Accessories

    Tango+ Home Theater 4.1 comes with four satellite speakers, one subwoofer, one remote control, and a year warranty.

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