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Wired Headsets

Wired Headsets

Wired Headsets

Buy Wired Headsets Online

Toreto - the ultimate destination for Stylish Wired headset for Mobile and Computers


Wired headset for computers and wired cell phone headset with microphone enables you to listen music, make and receive phone calls without the necessity of holding a phone. We also have wireless earphones with mic that enables you to ease access to your mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets. Specially designed wired headset for mobile and computers meets the style requirement of gadgets geeks. Toreto’s in-ear headphones and over ear headphones with mic satisfy the thirst of music lovers with ts excellent sound quality that takes the listeners to the heaven with its effective vibes. These over-ear and in-ear headphones with mic enables you getting rid of accessing handset while driving or work and you can talk and listen music on the go!


Let’s have a glance at Incredible features of wired headset for mobile and computers


Adjustable headcups: Wired headset for computers and mobile have adjustable cups that fit on the head of every size and shape. Due to these adjustable cups, one can hear the voice clearly without any external disturbances.

Metallic earplugs: Now plug-in your wired cell phone headset with a microphone as long as you want because this metal has the high melting point which allows longer use without emitting heat.

Comfortable earbuds:The buds of these wired earphones with mic are comfortable to put in into your earholes without the fear of slipping. So buy wired earphones online with just a few clicks from a renowned online store.

Time to level up your style game with portable musical solutions from Toreto. The mixed bag of high definition sound and avant-garde designs is what we offer to each one of you. So no need to think twice before you buy wired cell phone headset with microphone from the house of Toreto. Do it right away!

  • Tonic


    Special Price ₹359

    Regular Price: ₹399

  • Icon


    Special Price ₹539

    Regular Price: ₹599

  • Wave


    Special Price ₹359

    Regular Price: ₹399

  • Melody 2

    Melody 2

    Special Price ₹374

    Regular Price: ₹449

  • Melody


    Special Price ₹415

    Regular Price: ₹499

  • Delight 1.0

    Delight 1.0

    Special Price ₹415

    Regular Price: ₹499

  • Swing


    Special Price ₹1,149

    Regular Price: ₹1,999

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